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New Tier 2 Resource: Lyell Collection

Four campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, and San Diego) now have access to the Geological Society of London’s Lyell Collection as part of a new Tier 2 agreement.                     B, D, LA and SD; on the Lyell Collection platform

The Geological Society of London’s highly ranked Lyell Collection is an online collection comprising the GSL’s journal titles, Special Publication Ebooks, and unique content (memoirs) relevant to active earth science programs. Cutting edge science sits alongside important historical material.  The collection has more than 290,000 peer-reviewed pages, 29,000 articles, and 1,000 volumes. The collection consists of:

           Individual Titles / Volumes

  1. Special Publications Ebooks (25+ per yr ) / 400+ volumes
  2. Journal of the Geological Society / 1845 to current
  3. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology / 1967 to current
  4. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis / 2001 to current
  5. Petroleum Geoscience / 1995 to current
  6. Scottish Journal of Geology / 1965 to current
  7. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society / 1837 to current
  8. Journal of Micropaleontology / 1991 to current
  9. Petroleum Geology Conference series / 1993 to current
  10. Memoirs / 1958 to current
  11. Engineering Geology Special Publications /1986 to current
  12. Transactions of the Geological Society of London / 1811 to 1856 (350 + papers)
  13. Transactions of The Edinburgh Geological Society / 1870-1963
  14. Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow / 1863-1965

Additionally, GSL has agreed to offer UC authors (lead or corresponding author) a 25% discount on open access article processing charges (APC) during the term of the agreement.

SCP will distribute catalog records to the campuses.

Tony Aponte (UCLA) is the Resource Liaison & campus contact for the Lyell Collection.