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SCP Serials Cataloging Switching to Separate Record Approach

The long-held practice of simply adding URL links to existing print records when cataloging serial titles will cease on April 1, 2019. Using the print record as a composite record for both print and online version had helped users see multiple versions of library holdings in one record. However under current discovery systems and with faceting, SCP online serial records using print format records would display the availability of the print version when the library actually has the online version not the print.  As a result, it hindered the user discovery of CDL licensed and selected open access resources cataloged using print records.

Since October 2018, SCP-Advisory Committee (SCP-AC) has been discussing the possibility of changing SCP serials cataloging practice. Local campuses have been consulted for the readiness of switching the practice. SCP-AC officially voted unanimously for changing the practice and to stop using print records for online resources. The change will be implemented in two phases.

  • Phase 1. SCP new journal titles (including new titles with earlier titles) that do not have existing SCP records will start to be distributed on April 8th.   Cataloging updates, such as adding new links, changing coverage, etc. on existing SCP records will continue to be found on the existing SCP print records.
  • Phase 2. SCP retrospective conversion of existing print version serials to online version records.  Implementation date: TBD in consultation to SCP-AC and local campuses.

Upon completion of switching and, in the future, print version records will only contain print holdings for any of the campuses.  The online records will only contain online holdings for all participating campus.

The change will impact both SCP and local campuses. Impact on SCP is primarily on adjusting cataloging workflows and revising procedures. SCP staff has been planning and preparing the change. We will monitor the transition, try to resolve any issues raised, and minimize the impact on cataloging as much as possible. If you have questions and concerns, please contact Shi Deng at and Becky Culbertson at

Historical fact:

  • SCP adopted the single record approach for serial records at its beginning in 2000.
  • SCP monograph cataloging has been using separate records since 2002.