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MagazinePlus & WhoPlus database transition includes new database – BookPlus

MagazinePlus:   (B, D, M, SD, SB; on the Nichigai web service platform) BookPlus:     Access is limited to10 simultaneous users with an additional WhoPlus:              limit of 1,500 total searches across all databases. MagazinePlus: Journal index database to Japanese periodical literature. “Indexes to journal and magazine articles from Japan published since the Meiji period (1868-1912) and essays included in festschriften, conference papers, books, annuals, and research reports since 1945.

Dates of coverage for major MagazinePlus titles:

Zasshi kiji sakuin: 1948 – NDL Digital Collection: Meiji period (1868-1912) through 1945 Ronbunshu: 1945- Gakkai nenpo: 1945- Ippan, Sogo, Bijinesushi: 1981- Shinkutanku zasshi: 2000-

Quick Guide (in Japanese):

[Updated weekly]

  BookPlus: Bibliographical/biographical database.  Bibliographical information for monographs published since 1926; summaries and tables of contents for monographs published since 1986; photographic images of covers for monographs published since 2000; author’s information for monographs published since 2001; classified publications lists for monographs published during the past two weeks. Quick Guide (in Japanese):

[Updated Daily]

  WhoPlus: Contains biographical information of 330,000 prominent figures active in Japan and e-version of several biographical reference dictionaries.

Quick Guide (in Japanese):

[Data update: irregular]

Toshie Marra (UCB) is the contact person and Resource Liaison for the Nichigai resources.  ]]>