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New Access World News interface rolled out

NewsBank has introduced a new interface with cross-database searching of historical (if licensed) and current content. Presently, all UC campuses have access to the ‘current’ Access World News online content [1985 (varies by title) – present].     Access World News (world newspapers), ‘current’ content     USA newspapers, ‘current’ content     Spanish language newspapers, ‘current’ content   Major metro newspapers, ‘current’ content     California newspapers, ‘current’ content

Campuses that have licensed additional historical or database content (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego) have already transitioned to the new interface with the cross-database search feature.  If desired, campuses that have locally licensed additional historical content (Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego) can use the following URLs to search combined current and historical content; these URLs can be used in local catalog records and database lists.

Access World News (current and historical):
Access World News USA papers (current and historical):

At any point, users can switch between a ‘current + historical’ and ‘current only’ search by clicking the All Databases link at the top of the screen and then selecting the desired newspaper group from the ‘Historical and Current’ or ‘Current only’ section of the screen.


According to NewsBank’s resource description, Access World News is a comprehensive collection of full-text news sources that provides extensive coverage at every level—local, state, regional, national and international. A fully-searchable online resource, Access World News features most major U.S. news sources in circulation, plus many hard-to-find local and regional titles that are unavailable elsewhere. Additionally, Access World News offers more than 2,100 international news sources from 139 countries on six continents.

One-click access to global perspectives
Access World News features an intuitive, map-based interface which can be customized to highlight specific news sources. Without training, users can easily select and search a single news source, multiple titles across a state, region or country, or all the sources in the collection.

Intuitive interface improves search results
With NewsBank’s intuitive interface, users can pinpoint useful information and navigate quickly and efficiently through millions of articles which users can easily browse, print and email.

Note: User accounts have been migrated to the new interface.

Sara Davidson, UCM, is the Resource Liaison for Access World News.