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Stephanie Simms Leaving CDL

For the past 3 ½ years, Stephanie Simms has led many Research Data Management projects within the University of California Curation Center (UC3).  In her role, she has been both a consultant to campuses, as a Research Data Specialist, and a key collaborator with our systemwide, national, and international partners as the DMPTool Product Manager.  In recent years, Stephanie has also been instrumental in fostering community discussions about how to best make data management plans both human readable and machine actionable.

In her earlier career, Stephanie transitioned from archaeologist to research data specialist.  Now, with this departure, she plans to transition from Product Manager to pursue roles in UI/UX.  In the new year, she will attend a coding bootcamp and venture into the world of front end design and development.

Stephanie’s contributions to CDL and UC have been appreciated by us all and we thank her for fostering an inspiring and collaborative atmosphere during her tenure at the CDL.