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New platform for several Gale databases

Several of the UC-licensed Gale databases are now live on the Gale Primary Sources platform and are still available on the existing Gale platform as well. Currently, the PIDs still point to the existing Gale platform; the PIDs will be updated when the switch to the new platform occurs (based on Gale’s schedule). In the meantime, you can try out the databases on the Gale Primary Sources platform by clicking the New Experience Available! Try It Now >> links on the existing platform.

The new platform is visually more engaging than the previous version but also incorporates several new features and tools, such as

  • Term Frequency – the frequency of search terms within sets of content to identify central themes,
  • Term Clusters – the grouping of commonly occurring themes reveals hidden connections within search terms,
  • Cross-Search Capability – ability to search across the content of complementary source products in a single environment,
  • Downloadable OCR – manuscript materials are keyword and full-text searchable thanks to optical character recognition (OCR).

Currently, the Gale databases available on the Gale Primary Sources platform include

Carla Arbagey, UCR, is the Resource Liaison for these Gale databases. Please contact Carla if there is interest on your campus for training on using the new interface/platform.