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DynaMed Plus now available for all UC campuses

All UC campuses and selected medical sites now have access to DynaMed Plus thanks to a 2 year UC-wide pilot paid for by the UC Medical Centers and selected campuses.  Some campuses have had access via local subscriptions to DynaMed. CDL was able to negotiate a favorable DynaMed Plus pilot price, assuming cancellations of existing UC subscriptions at the end of the current subscription terms.

DynaMed Plus is a clinical reference tool written by a team of physicians and researchers who synthesize the evidence and provide objective analysis. DynaMed Plus topics are based on clinical evidence and content is constantly updated to ensure physicians have timely information for point of care decisions. DynaMed Plus includes features such as overviews and recommendations, graphics and images, expert reviewers, specialty content, and mobile access.

DynaMed Plus is accessible at

If you encounter a “disallowed key character” error when authenticating to DynaMed via your campus’ EZproxy, remove “/home” from the end of the resolved proxied URL and reload the page.

DynaMed Plus Campus Contacts

The CDL Helpdesk does not provide support for this resource. For any questions about use of DynaMed Plus, please contact the librarian on your campus (or for medical sites, your affiliated UC campus) listed on the following page:

Sarah McClung (UCSF) is the systemwide Resource Liaison for DynaMed Plus.