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Nga Ong Joins Collection Development Team

Please join CDL in congratulating Nga on her new position as the Collection Assessment Analyst, effective June 25, 2018. As many of you know, Nga has been helping the CDL’s Licensed Content Group with various collection analysis projects related to the upcoming major renewals. She brings a strong knowledge of different types of value metrics and standards such as NISO, SUSHI, and COUNTER. Nga will be an excellent addition to the Collection Development team.

As you might remember, Nga initially joined the CDL’s Licensed Content Group in August 2016 as a Library Data and Services Analyst. She excelled in her role and was quickly promoted to another position as a CDL Information Services Analyst in summer 2017. Since then, she has been a key player supporting CDL Helpdesk activities. At the same time, due to the staff shortage in the Licensed Content Group, she has been helping with various collection analysis projects. Nga has been attending various negotiation planning meetings, and her data and analysis have been extremely helpful.

Prior to her positions at CDL, Nga had 11 years of experience at the UC Berkeley Library. Her knowledge of acquisitions, electronic resource management, payment processing, and cataloging, will also be helpful in her new role. Congratulations and welcome again, Nga!