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Index of Medieval Art Transitions to a new platform

For the six participating UC campuses on Friday, March 30, 2018, the Index of Medieval Art will transition to a new platform.  (UCB, UCI, UCLA, UCSB, UCSC, and UCSD; on the Princeton platform)

According to the Index providers at Princeton University, improvements on the new platform include:

  • Additional access points into the data
  • Advanced search and refinement tools, providing greater flexibility
  • Queries with multiple factors – such as date, location, subject, media, and more – but with more precise control
  • Responsive design that can adapt to any device.

This is just the start…

In 2018, Princeton plans to introduce a new interface for navigating in situ works, as well as a new interface for exploring subjects by hierarchical classification rather than keywords alone.

Also in 2018, Princeton will be implementing IIIF support for images. This will mean that works of art for which high-resolution images are available can be examined in greater detail. Users will have the ability to zoom in and out, and to pan around the images, all from within the web application.

Information has been sent to campus proxy administrators for updating configuration files, if necessary. SCP updated the PID for this resource on March 29th.

Robert Gore (UCLA) is the Resource Liaison for Index of Medieval Art.