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New Si ku quan shu I database is now available

As mentioned in an earlier CDLINFO article, UC’s access to EastView’s Si ku quan shu database ceased at the end of 2017. Now, 9 UC campuses (B, D, I, LA, M, R, SD, SB, and SC) have begun participation in a Tier 2 opportunity for access to Si ku quan shu I 四库全书 (Beijing Erudition Digital Research Center).   (B, D, I, LA, M, R, SD, SB, SC; on the platform)

Note: This resource is limited to 5-7 simultaneous users (varies by campus’ other subscriptions on the Beijing Erudition platform); if refused access, try again later.

This version of the database contains 3,460 titles in more than 36,300 volumes. Its new features include the compatibility with multiple Internet browsers and multiple platforms, in addition to its category and full-text search capability.

Information has been sent to campus proxy administrators for updating configuration files, if necessary. Updated database-level cataloging records have been distributed to campuses.

Susan Xue (UCB) is the Resource Liaison for Si ku quan shu and the contact for the new license.