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New Tier 2 Licensed Resource – EPS China Statistics

Four campuses (Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego) began participation in a Tier 2 opportunity for access to EPS China Statistics. (D, I, LA, SD; on the EPS China Data platform)

EPS China Statistics provides 41 China databases sourced from industrial, regional and national organizations, covering various subjects and all regions of China in both English and Chinese. The databases contain over 1.2 million basic and combined statistical indicators with a yearly increment of more than 30 million numeric data.

Examples of some of these databases include:

  • Resources & Environment / China Energy Database – China Energy Database, with the data from the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China, demonstrates China’s development of the energy industry, production and consumption as well as supply and demand relationship.
  • Economic Operation / China Finance Database – China Finance Database, with the resources from the People’s Bank of China, China Finance Association, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and State Administration of Foreign Exchange, reflects the overall situation of financing, trade and operation of the banking, securities and insurance, and foreign exchange industries.
  • Social Development / China Culture Database – China Culture Database gives the whole picture of China’s cultural development. Its data (1996~) come from the Ministry of Culture, National Bureau of Statistics, Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and State Administration of Press, Publication, Film and Television.

Hong Cheng (UCLA) is the Resource Liaison for EPS China Statistics.