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New Licensed Resource – Annual Reviews

All UC campuses now have access to the Complete Sciences and Economics Collection (all 50 published titles, ‘Annual Review of …’); some campuses may have already had access to these and other AR titles via local subscriptions:          (All campuses; on the Annual Reviews platform)

According to their website, Annual Reviews provide:

  • Comprehensive, Authoritative Overviews: Each of the journals has a dedicated Editorial Committee, which first selects the most crucial topics to review. Then the Committee invites experts to write on each topic. Our authors are among the most distinguished international scholars in their disciplines.
  • Time-Saving Guides to Related Research: Each article is its own search engine, providing a clear path to the essential primary research literature referenced within the article. The extensive bibliographies quickly direct you to key sources for further research.
  • Lasting Research Value: Annual Reviews’ articles are used significantly longer than most primary research literature. In fact, over 50% of AR’s worldwide article downloads are for articles older than five years. Also, AR’s Impact Factors are among the highest for publications indexed in Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Reports (JCR®).

Annual Reviews titles include:


  1. Annual Review of Anthropology,
  2. Condensed Matter Physics,
  3. Economics,