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Merritt 2017 Year in Review

Merritt has done a lot of development in the past few years, in response to external demands. These developments are largely behind the scenes, and invisible to Merritt users:


• Migrated all of our servers, storage and MySQL database to AWS
• Added several features to work with Dash
• Responded to changes at EZID
• Submitting collections to the Data Preservation Network

We are also in the process of moving our code to public Github repositories, which has required some clean up.

Some basic stats and fun facts for Merritt are:

• 11.5 million user-supplied files
• 2.7 million objects
• 89.3 TB of data
• The largest object in terms of files: 362,000 files (UC Irvine collection around “The Great Picture“)
• The largest object in terms of size: 2.7 TB (files related to UC Irvine’s 2014 commencement)
• The most content by campus: UC Berkeley, 67.7 TB

As we wrap up work on these current projects, we’re thinking ahead to future enhancements. It’s early yet, but in broad terms, we want to enhance the reporting features of Merritt, and think about scaling up. More on this as we make plans.