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CDL Job Opening for a Library Carpentry Coordinator/Research Data Specialist

The UC Curation Center (UC3) is looking for a successful Library Carpentry Coordinator/Research Data Specialist who uses their product management skills, project management skills, software/data skills, and knowledge of the Data Carpentry & Software Carpentry community to promote and expand the reach of the Library Carpentry across the US.

This position is hosted by the California Digital Library (CDL), an administrative unit of the University of California Office of the President (UCOP). The position is a two year contract position.

This position sits within CDL’s digital curation program, University of California Curation Center (UC3). UC3 supports leading-edge services (Dash, DMPTool, Merrit) as well as initiatives for research data management, data publication, alternative metrics for usage and impact, and digital preservation.

While the Library Carpentry Coordinator is expected to work with groups across the US, she or he will also be a member of an Oakland, California-based team of high engaged digital curators and library professionals.

Read more about the position and apply at

Application period ends November 31, 2017.