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Celebrate Open Access Week with UC3’s Series on Open Data!

To celebrate Open Access Week 2017, the UC Curation Center is posting a series of blog posts to spotlight and explore Open Data as an essential component to liberating and advancing research.

All week they’ll be covering policies, user stories, resources, economics, and justifications for why researchers should all be making their (de-identified, IRB approved) data freely available.

Upcoming posts:

  • Tuesday, October 24th: Open Data in Order to… Stories & Testimonials
  • Wednesday, October 25th: Policies, Resources, & Guidance on How to Make Your Data Open
  • Thursday, October 26th: Open Data and Reproducibility
  • Friday, October 27th: Open Data and Maximizing the Value of Research

Follow along on the UC3 blog and tweet to @UC3CDL with any questions, comments, or contributions you may have.