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Chan Li Moves to UC Berkeley

Chan has accepted the position of the Assessment Program Librarian at UC Berkeley. Her last day at CDL will be Friday, October 6th.  Interestingly, Chan started at CDL exactly 11 years ago on Friday, Oct. 6, 2006 – and probably still looks the same?!

During her time here, Chan has contributed significantly to the success of the CDL licensing team’s business negotiations and UC libraries’ purchase decisions. Chan developed the CDL Journal Weighted Value Algorithm to evaluate UC systemwide licensed collections. The Algorithm encompasses six data metrics: utility (usage and citations), quality (impact factor and SNIP) and cost effectiveness (cost per use and cost per citation). Thanks to her excellent analysis, CDL has been able to develop negotiation targets for specific publishers, only occasionally scaring them away, saving on costs while providing valuable library resources for the UC community.

Apart from her data analysis work, she collaborated with others at CDL and conducted user surveys, such as the one at UC Santa Cruz to research students’ behaviors involving print and ebook usage. Her interest in user experience increased in recent years, and she established and chaired the UC systemwide Common Knowledge Group (CKG) on ebook usability. Her new position at Berkeley will be a great fit for her many interests.

Chan has a wonderful way of making complicated things look easy. CDL staff will miss her friendly smile and team spirit the most. Congratulations Chan!