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Beaumont Yung Accepts Appointment at UCSF

After 10+ years of distinguished service at CDL, Beaumont is pursuing a tremendous new career opportunity at UCSF. Please join us in congratulating him on his new appointment as Director of Business Services in the UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor’s Office.

Beaumont’s skills in navigating budget crises and mastering the complex financial environment that is UC have been finely tuned during his years of service at CDL. Beaumont’s expertise, integrity and competence are incomparable.  We will definitely miss him here; Beaumont’s last day at CDL will be Friday, August 11th.

I will particularly miss Beaumont’s practical as well as creative approach to finding solutions to budget challenges, a sentiment I know I share with all of those who have closely worked with him.

Günter Waibel
Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director, California Digital Library

Congratulations, Beaumont! We wish you all the best at UCSF.