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CDL’s new Licensed Resources Website has launched!

On Wednesday, July 12th, CDL launched the new Licensed Resources website ( CDL’s User Experience Design (UX) team interviewed campus librarians who frequently used the previous site, discussed their findings with the CDL’s Licensed Content Group, and made changes to improve the usability of the site.  As you see below, the new landing page has a cleaner look, while providing easy access to popular pages via “Quick Links” in the right sidebar.

Special thanks go to Rachael Hu and Alana Miller (UX team) for interviewing librarians and creating the new design, incorporating the feedback received; to Craig Thompson (UX team) for implementing the site quickly; and to Ivy Anderson (Collection Development) and others at CDL for providing feedback.
Here are a couple of notes:

  • Users may need to clear their cache and reload the page to see the new formatting.
  • This is primarily an interface update, and underlying page content may still be in progress.

We welcome your feedback.