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Staff Transitions: Nga Ong, Kathryn Stine & Nancy Scott-Noennig

Good things come in threes, and so it is with staff transitions this summer!   We’d like to take the opportunity to announce three – count them, three! – new staff transitions in this message:

  • New positions within CDL for Nga Ong and Kathryn Stine, and
  • Nancy Scott-Noennig’s retirement from CDL.

Nga Ong

Please join us in congratulating Nga Ong on her new position as a CDL Information Services Analyst. Nga joined the CDL’s Licensed Content Team in August 2016 as a Library Data and Services Analyst, and immediately made herself indispensable. In that role she worked on multiple collection analysis projects, in addition to assisting Jayne Dickson with CDL Helpdesk activities. In her new role, she will provide first level contact in responding to feedback, email and telephone inquiries pertaining to CDL resources and services. She’ll also triage and troubleshoot CDL service and UC-licensed resource service issues.

Prior to joining CDL, Nga had 11 years of experience at UC Berkeley Library, working closely with vendors to resolve access problems, providing her a unique understanding of the complex relationships among UC campus libraries and CDL’s Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Discovery & Delivery functions.

For those of you who have had the good fortune of working with Nga directly, you’ll know that her enthusiasm for the work of the CDL and the UC libraries is apparent in all of her interactions, as is her commitment to excellent customer service. Over the next month, Nga will split her time between partnering with Chan Li as they complete current projects, and training with Jayne Dickson on CDL Helpdesk activities. Given her proximity to Jayne, she’ll remain in her current cubicle. Congratulations and welcome, again, Nga!

Kathryn Stine

Please also join us in another round of congratulations, this time to Kathryn Stine as she assumes the position of Manager, Digital Content Development and Strategy within the CDL Collections Program. This newly-reconfigured position (formerly occupied by Heather Christenson) will be responsible for defining, leading, and implementing a variety of digital collection development and web archiving projects on behalf of the CDL, including developing and implementing a communications and outreach plan for the Cobweb web archiving collection development platform, working with our collaborative CDL team in pursuing collection strategies and approaches for large scale digitization of UC library non-book collections, and supporting deeper programmatic engagement with HathiTrust. Cobweb is a collaborative one year IMLS-grant funded project led by CDL and jointly undertaken with UCLA and Harvard to develop a lightweight, open source collaborative collection development platform for the creation of comprehensive web archives, by coordinating the independent activities of the web archiving community.  Kathryn will leave her current post as Zephir Product Manager to assume her new position beginning July 5th, contributing time as needed to ensure a smooth and successful transition of responsibilities for Zephir.  As part of the reconfiguration of responsibilities within Collections, oversight of Google and HathiTrust operations is transitioning to Paul Fogel.

Kathryn has a broad background in managing digital resources and the metadata that describe them in a range of contexts, including work with digitized print collections, oral history media, visual resources, and archives and special collections. Kathryn came to CDL in 2011 as the analyst for a metadata management system, then under development by CDL for HathiTrust, which launched as Zephir in 2013 under her project management. She has since been the Zephir product manager, working with an ace team from Discovery and Delivery as well as HathiTrust colleagues and stakeholders (including the UC system) to ensure metadata and content ingest to the HathiTrust repository, where now 15.7 million (and counting!) digitized print volumes are successfully described for discovery and access. Kathryn has also been involved in UC systemwide work groups, including managing the RLF Systems and Workflows Project Team and contributing to the UC Libraries Metadata Sharing Policy.
In addition to her work as metadata product manager at CDL, Kathryn has previously worked as an archivist for the University of Illinois at Chicago and both as a visual resources curator and oral history editor at UC Berkeley. She has also collaborated on, designed, or managed numerous museum education, visual communications, digital humanities, and artmaking projects with a wide range of students and educators. When she’s not tackling the energizing work of contextualizing research resources (through metadata or otherwise) or serving as a key member of CDL’s strategic visioning team, you can find Kathryn improvising in the kitchen, enjoying live music, convincing her family that camping is fun, or sneaking in a rare burst of drawing or knitting.  (Whew!)  A huge welcome to Kathryn as she takes on her new role.

Nancy Scott-Noennig

On a somewhat more bittersweet note, but with equally warm wishes for the future, please join us in congratulating Nancy Scott-Noennig on her retirement from UC effective June 30th.
Nancy started her first position at CDL on October 16, 2006 as an Administrative Assistant III. Prior to CDL, Nancy worked as a Temporary Office of the President Staffing (TOPS) employee. She quickly learned her CDL duties, and became an Administrative Specialist in 2008. Nancy transitioned soon afterward to become a Licensing Specialist reporting to Curtis Lavery, Mihoko Hosoi’s predecessor, for about seven years.

In her role as CDL Licensing Specialist, Nancy did excellent work as the initial reviewer for new subscription licenses and amendments, communicating with vendors, campus representatives, the public, and CDL colleagues effectively and with great professionalism, responsiveness, and equanimity (not always easy when dealing with publishers!).  Nancy also provided outstanding service to the DOE labs at Berkeley and Livermore, for which CDL provides licensing support.  She also redacted fully-executed licenses for public display, and maintained thorough licensing records. Recently, Nancy contributed to our update of the CDL Model License, working closely with her current manager, Mihoko Hosoi, and contributing many helpful edits and suggestions that garnered positive feedback from UC campuses.

As many of you know, Nancy’s medical condition has kept her out on leave since late January of this year. We will miss Nancy’s cheerful presence and acerbic wit, and wish her a swift return to full health as she embarks upon what we hope will be a very rewarding retirement.
Here endeth our latest trio of announcements.  Again, please join us in sending warm congratulations to all!