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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: March 2017

For the month of February, our major serial record distributions include Gale. Literature Resource Center online journals (39 titles), JSTOR online journals (33 titles), Open Access journals (192 titles which include: DOAJ, 130 titles), and Sage online journals (208 titles). For monographs, the major record distributions are: Elsevier monographs (233 titles), IEEE Xplore online conference proceedings (133 titles), Knovel Library online monographs (237 titles), Safari tech books online monographs (57 titles), and Wiley online monographs (100 titles).

For DDA programs, CDL started JSTOR CDL DDA pilot online monographs with files distributed weekly, see CDL announcement for details. As of today, 881 titles available from the CRC Press ENGnetBASE online monographs DDA 2014 package (292 titles), 2015 package (352 titles), 2016 package (237 titles); 2,337 titles from the EBSCO Japanese DDA, 390 titles available from JSTOR DDA pilot, and 2,017 titles from the Airiti DDA. As of this date, we have recorded 168 purchases from the CRC Press ENGnetBASE for year 2013 (104 titles) & 2014 (64 titles), 198 from the EBSCO Japanese, and 195 from Airiti.

Becky was busy dealing with journal titles that are removed from Aggregators (mainly EBSCO since Proquest and Gale are pretty steady). For example, in January 2017, 209 title change requests with 16 added titles and 171 titles removed or stopped; in February 2017, 87 title change requests with 3 added titles and 62 titles removed or stopped. For file distribution last month, 120 titles of EBSCO journals were removed.

SCP revised and updated the request form for new cataloging projects which simplified the questions asked and made the request form online. We also share the request status online for SCP recommendation, JSC decision, and the project initial completion date. Please share with your campus subject librarians.

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