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New Licensed Resource – Announcing SAGE Research Methods!

As part of the SAGE Premier 2017 journals renewal, CDL purchased on behalf of nine campuses (UC Davis has its own license) a 6-year license to SAGE Research Methods (SRM) with updates during 2017-2022. SRM has been a widely requested one-time purchase in many Joint Steering Committee (JSC) annual surveys by the bibliographer groups (now CKGs).  The purchase includes the SAGE Research Methods Base Model, Case Studies and Datasets.  Note that SAGE Research Videos are not included in the CDL purchase.      (All campuses; on the SAGE Research Methods platform)

From the SAGE website:

The SRM Base Model supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process. Campuses will have access to more than 1,000 books, reference works and journal articles from across the social sciences, including a large collection of qualitative methods books. The resources cover every aspect of research skills training and can help researchers at all levels through every step of the research process, from coming up with a research question, doing a literature review, planning a project, collecting and analyzing data, and writing up a report, dissertation or thesis.

SRM Cases are stories of how real research projects were conducted. The collection provides more than 500 case studies, showing the challenges and successes of doing research. They explain why the researchers chose the methods they did, how they overcame problems in their research and what they might have done differently with hindsight: the realities of research that are missing from journal articles and textbooks. Cases are peer-reviewed and come with pedagogical tools including learning objectives and discussions questions.

SRM Datasets is a collection of teaching datasets and instructional guides that give students a chance to learn data analysis by practicing themselves. This database of topical, engaging practice datasets, indexed by method and data type, are appropriate to use in classroom exercises or in exam papers.

Adam Siegel ( is the Resource Liaison for Sage Research Methods.