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SAGE Journals move to Atypon

SAGE Journals ( recently moved to the Atypon platform.  New platform benefits include:

  • clear, intuitive site designs based on deep understanding of user needs
  • seamless multi-device experience with responsive design
  • new functionality to enhance the user experience
  • highly discoverable and accessible content

According to the SAGE Journals Migration FAQ

The SAGE Journals URLs changed with the migration. Permanent redirects will be in place to ensure continued access to all content.

Searches/Citations: Not Moved; Alert Preferences: Moved

Searches that had been saved on the previous SAGE Journals site were not carried over to the new site. Searches can be recreated and saved on the new site, with the option to receive alerts when new content is published that matches your search criteria.

Likewise, citations that had been saved on the previous SAGE Journals site were not carried over to the new site. Article citations can be downloaded or copied from the article Tools on the article page of the new platform.

Individual alert preferences were migrated to the new platform; however, some changes to the types of alerts available have been made. Instead of opting in for multiple alert types, e.g., Online First, eToc and Latest Article alerts, there is one alert type for New Content alerts that delivers updates for all new content published by the journal of choice, including articles Online First and the issue Table of Contents.  Users can change the frequency and format of alerts from the My Alerts page in the Personal Account area.



Adam Siegal (UCD) is the Resource Liaison for SAGE publications.