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DMPTool Service Update: December 2016


Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • Bug fixes & enhancements: We created a rough prototype of a metrics dashboard in December (details on the blog), to collect your feedback for a bigger, better, and much more beautiful version in the new platform. If you’ve been using the new dashboard, please note that we just fixed a bug that was producing inaccurate numbers for the “Total completed plans as of [month].” Admins should now see much larger (and accurate!) stats for the total n plans created by users at their institution. [Also note that you can still retrieve usage data in JSON via the API: instructions here].
  • Templates: All federal departments and agencies subject to the 2013 OSTP memo have now released public access plans, although not all have implemented the DMP requirement (noted in an OSTP blog post; the OSTP website is now archived here). A complete list of public access plans is available at We’re operating under the assumption that public access and data sharing policies have too much momentum to be derailed at this point and will continue monitoring/updating templates as needed.
  • Themes: Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback on the revised set of themes for DMP templates and guidance (details on the blog). We posted the new themes on the DCC website and will be adding them to the GitHub wiki for the Roadmap project; these themes will be implemented in the next version of the tool. We’re now scoping a pilot project with a Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) working group and some social science data repositories to test an exchange of DMP content with an automated mapping of themes to DDI elements—stay tuned as things develop on that front.
  • Roadmap update. The UC3-DCC team is busy codeveloping, documenting (on the GitHub wiki), and preparing to demo what we’ve done so far at IDCC 2017 in Edinburgh (20-23 Feb). Keep an eye on the blog for our next progress report…any day now.
  • Machine-actionable DMPs. Also at IDCC 2017, we’ll be hosting a workshop to continue developing use cases for machine-actionable DMPs. An international cohort of diverse players in the DMP game—repository managers, data librarians, funders, researchers, technologists, etc.—are coming together to help us plan for a DMP utopia of the future (workshop details; the full report will be out next month).

Contributing Organizations

There are now 202 participating institutions that have either configured their campus single sign-on or customized the DMPTool for their users. Welcome to the following new institutions:

Northeast Ohio Medical University
Swarthmore College
University of Mississippi

DMPTool Service Description

The Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool) provides an easy to use interface that:

  • Helps users create ready-to-use data management plans for specific funding agencies
  • Meets funder requirements for data management plans
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and guidance for how to manage data
  • Provides information about resources and services available at your institution to help fulfill the data management requirements of your grant

DMPTool Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

Documentation and outreach materials

DMPTool Service Managers

Stephanie Simms contact, Perry Willett contact

Connect with the DMPTool

  • Please contact us with any questions or general correspondence (Note that campus library contacts have been embedded in the DMPTool and campus users will be directed to a local library contact)
  • Get status updates via the DMPTool blog
  • Read more about the code, the project, and contributing to development on the DMPTool GitHub site
  • Log enhancements or bugs in the DMPTool GitHub Issue Tracker
  • Check out our DMPTool Twitter account

Service Monitoring and Availability

Check CDL’s system status page at