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New Tier 2 Licensed Resource – Tōyō Keizai Digital Archives: Unit One (1895-1945)

Thanks to the contributions of five campuses (Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, Merced, and Santa Cruz), the earliest part of the Tōyō Keizai Digital Archives is now available to users of all ten campuses and UCOP through JapanKnowledge at   Note:  There is a limit of 4 simultaneous users; if denied access, try again later.

Tōyō Keizai Shinpō (1895-1960)/Shūkan Tōyō Keizai (1961-present) is a Japanese economic journal published to the present, and Toyo Keizai Digital Archives: Unit One offers online access to this journal from 1895 to 1945, as well as its annual publication of Tōyō Keizai Shinpō Keizai Nenkan (1917-1944; with 1936 and 1939-1940 issues missing)—the contents cover ca. 2,300 volumes in 170,000 pages in original print.

For more information about this resource, please see the following website:

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