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New milestones for electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)

CDL is proud to assist UC campus libraries with the publishing and preservation of ETDs (electronic masters theses and PhD dissertations). In recent months, we have accomplished a couple of huge milestones that the entire UC system can be proud of:

  • Building a bigger ETD collection. In October 2016, we surpassed 20,000 theses and dissertations in eScholarship. This collection showcases the range of student research at UC. You can browse the full collection at eScholarship (;browse=etd).
  • Supporting more students. In addition, we recently brought UC Irvine into our workflow. This means we now support a total of 9 UC campuses publishing and/or preserving student theses and dissertations:
    • 7 UC Campuses publish their ETDs in eScholarship and preserve them in the Merritt preservation repository: UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz
    • 2 UC Campuses take advantage of CDL’s preservation repository Merritt, but do not publish their ETDs in eScholarship: UCSF and UC Santa Barbara

Publishing student research

By publishing dissertations and theses in eScholarship, we can offer a broader reach and exposure to student accomplishments. Monthly use of the theses and disserations totals over 100,000 regularly. You can view the entire collection of theses in eScholarship (;browse=etd).

Preserving student research

Many students submit their ETDs with auxiliary files. These submissions can include the ETD narratives as well as audio and video files, spreadsheets, software, photographs, and other supporting material. CDL works with campuses to preserve the full research of our UC students in the Merritt Digital Preservation Repository.

More information

CDL’s ETDs workflow is administered by our preservation team, the University of California Curation Center (UC3). For more information on the preservation and publication of ETDs, please visit our ETD webpage.