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Welcome Monica Westin!

Please welcome Monica Westin, who has just joined the Access & Publishing group as the Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator for eScholarship!

Monica comes to us via the Berkeley Electronic Press (where she was most recently the Marketing Communications & Market Development Manager) and Highwire (where she served as the Publisher Relations rep for Sage). Monica brings to our group a terrific combination of strong outreach/marketing skills and a deep knowledge of the scholarly communications environment, from several different vantage points.  She’s also well-versed in client services and seems to have hit the ground running on day one.

As the Outreach and Community Engagement Coordinator, Monica will focus primarily on supporting the scholarly communication activities of the University of California academic community, particularly as they relate to the open access publishing and distribution of scholarly works via eScholarship. She will develop strategies for increasing the visibility of eScholarship services as well as provide front line support for the faculty, students and staff who use the repository to increase the visibility of their scholarly research. Monica will also work with campus partners to attract high quality publications (journals, monograph series) to eScholarship and collaborate with the editors of those publications to ensure their success. Needless to say, we’re ecstatic to have her on board!

And for those of you with an interest in learning even more about Monica, here are a few tidbits, gleaned from a chatty lunch:

–She loves carbs.
–She was a real quitter as a child, leaving behind a trail of activities that she didn’t find compelling.
–She is a devoted runner (middle distance) and enjoys jogging with her dog Pepper.
–She is a highly skilled SET player who, vaguely uncomfortable with her prowess, mostly lets other people win.

Welcome, Monica.