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DMPTool Service Update: July 2016




Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • Templates. The template inventory is underway. We recently added templates for the DOT and NASA (blog updates here and here). Next in line are DOD, NIJ/DOJ, and NSF Arctic Programs. Let us know if you need a specific template and we’ll bump it to the front of the line.
  • Review workflow enhancements. We made some changes to the review workflow in response to user feedback (also on the blog). The enhancements are designed to make the process clearer to researchers and enable admins to access previously reviewed plans. We invite you to test things out and help us to keep improving this functionality.
  • Updated promo materials: New general purpose slides available here.
  • Another exemplary DMP published in the RIO Journal Collection.
  • Machine-actionable DMPs. We’re participating in International Data Week (Denver, CO 11-17 Sept) to present and refine use cases for machine-actionable DMPs. Please keep sending us your ideas and feedback!
  • Roadmap update. The UC3-DCC dev team is gaining momentum. Our development environments are in place, the migration to Rails 4.2 is complete, we’re testing the new internationalization functionality, and doing some clean-up before embarking on our first sprint. A detailed July update is available on the DMPTool blog. And thanks to Weiwei Shi, lead developer for the Canadian DMP Assistant tool, for contributing the first new feature toward our MVP!

Contributing Organizations

There are now 188 participating institutions that have either configured their campus single sign-on or customized the DMPTool for their users.

DMPTool Service Description

The Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool) provides an easy to use interface that:

  • Helps users create ready-to-use data management plans for specific funding agencies
  • Meets funder requirements for data management plans
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and guidance for how to manage data
  • Provides information about resources and services available at your institution to help fulfill the data management requirements of your grant

DMPTool Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

Documentation and outreach materials

DMPTool Service Managers

Stephanie Simms contact, Perry Willett contact

Connect with the DMPTool

  • Please contact us with any questions or general correspondence (Note that campus library contacts have been embedded in the DMPTool and campus users will be directed to a local library contact)
  • Get status updates via the DMPTool blog
  • Read more about the code, the project, and contributing to development on the DMPTool GitHub site
  • Log enhancements or bugs in the DMPTool GitHub Issue Tracker
  • Check out our DMPTool Twitter account

Service Monitoring and Availability

Check CDL’s system status page at