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Bernadette Scully: Movin’ on up

On August 17th, Bernadette Scully joined Janet Napolitano’s office as a career Administrative Assistant.  Bernadette’s new role will allow her to use her program coordinator experience to support the two President’s Correspondence writers.

Bernadette started at UC and at the CDL in June 2015 as the Executive Assistant to not one, not two, but three CDL directors (Laine, Ivy and myself). Bernadette also assumed some of Joanne Miller’s work when she left for the Academic Senate, and with great pluck and alacrity took on any task that needed doing in this time of transition for CDL.

Other key achievements: as part of the CDL Halloween celebrations Bernadette was a star. She says Halloween is actually the old Celtic New Year’s eve celebration and the one holiday given by the Irish to all. Bernadette won first place for her Irish dish of colcannon which contained a JFK half dollar won by Rachael. She also took first place in the Halloween custom for her interpretation of the wood block print “Night Rain at Karasaki”,

Sometimes good things in life happen very quickly, and this good thing for Bernadette was of that nature. CDL will miss Bernadette’s good cheer, her can-do attitude, and (last but not least) her proudly worn cowboy boots. Please join me in congratulating her!