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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: February 2016

scp2Our major serial record distributions for January  were for Open Access (244 titles) and  the Independent Voices records from Reveal Digital (168 titles).  The latter package is one that we are working on cooperatively with NSDP (National Serials Data Program) at the Library of Congress. After we finish cataloging the print versions of these journals, we send a spreadsheet of OCLC numbers to NSDP.   At this point they create an online version of the print records and add the ISSNs.

For monographs, we have added Elsevier monographs (86 titles), IEEE conference proceedings (110 titles), Naxos music records (1974 titles), and CalDocs (82 titles).  Of special note this month are Superstar Chinamaxx online monographic titles (312).  UC Santa Barbara has volunteered to help catalog Chinamaxx, agreeing to catalog Phase 1 of the Chinamaxx.  We enthusiastically welcome their assistance.

A reminder that Adolfo Tarango, head of the SCP Cataloging Unit will leave UC San Diego and the California Digital Library effective April 1, 2016. As a temporary measure his replacement as supervisor will be Shi Deng, currently head of the UC San Diego CJK Cataloging Unit. Adolfo will not be in the office after February 29th so any SCP email correspondence sent after that date should go to Shi Deng ( with a cc to Rebecca Culbertson (