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Latest eScholarship Activity: Campus 4th Quarter 2015 Reports

Check out this quarter’s reports to discover eScholarship’s publishing profiles (and more). Here’s a listing of each campus’s most popular publications this quarter brought to you by the eScholarship team.

UC Berkeley: “Marxist Theories of Development, the New International Division of Labor, and the Third World by Parthasarathy, Balaji, Department of City and Regional Planning: Berkeley Planning Journal
Requests: 2,063 (this quarter) 10,049 (total to date)
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UC Davis: “The Rudolph sign of nasal vestibular furunculosis: Questions raised by this common but under-recognized nasal mucocutaneous disorder by Dahle, Kevin W;Sontheimer, Richard D, : Dermatology Online Journal
Requests: 16,797 (this quarter) 119,296 (total to date)
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UC Irvine: “A Spectral Analysis of World GDP Dynamics: Kondratieff Waves, Kuznets Swings, Juglar and Kitchin Cycles in Global Economic Development, and the 2008–2009 Economic Crisis by Korotayev, Andrey V;Tsirel, Sergey V., Social Dynamics and Complexity: Structure and Dynamics
Requests: 1,189 (this quarter) 26,341 (total to date)
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UC Los Angeles: Green Marketing: A Study of Consumer Perception and Preferences in India by Bhatia, Mayank;Jain, Amit, UCLA Library: Electronic Green Journal
Requests: 2,444 (this quarter) 15,313 (total to date)
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UC Merced: “Symposium Summary: Island biogeography by Triantis, Kostas A.: Frontiers of Biogeography
Requests: 780 (this quarter) 5,563 (total to date)
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UC Riverside:A Single Historical Continuum by Christian, David, The Institute for Research on World-Systems: Cliodynamics
Requests: 1,578 (this quarter) 4,384 (total to date)
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UC Santa Barbara: Six Flags over Luna: The Role of Flags in Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories by Platoff, Anne M.: UC Santa Barbara Previously Published Works
Requests: 1,754 (this quarter) 8,553 (total to date)
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UC Santa Cruz: Whatever Happened to the Past Tense Debate? by Pinker, Steven, Linguistics Research Center: Wondering at the Natural Fecundity of Things: Essays in Honor of Alan Prince
Requests: 846 (this quarter) 3,771 (total to date)
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UC San Diego:Drug Trafficking Organizations and Counter-Drug Strategies in the U.S.-Mexican Context by Astorga, Luis;Shirk, David A., Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies: Evolving Democracy
Requests: 835 (this quarter) 10,061 (total to date)
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UC San Francisco: Internalized stigma of mental illness: psychometric properties of a new measure by Boyd formerly Ritsher, Jennifer E,: UC San Francisco Previously Published Works
Requests: 547 (this quarter) 9,671 (total to date)
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