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New Licensed Resource – BioOne Complete licensed on behalf of all UC campuses

All UC campuses now have access to BioOne Complete (formerly BioOne.1 and BioOne.2) on the platform; some campuses may have already had access via local subscriptions.  SCP distributed the journal title level records on December 21, 2015.

BioOne.2 has been licensed for all UC campuses including LBL. This gives UC users access to all (200+) BioOne journal titles including BioOne.2 titles of high interest such as Zoological Science, Journal of Shellfish Research, Madroño, Geodiversitas, Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, Natural Areas Journal, Zoosystema, Human Biology, Journal of Ethnobiology, Journal of Raptor Research, Pacific Science, The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, and Western North American Naturalist.

Please contact the resource liaison for BioOne, Ruth Gustafson ( if you have any questions or feedback on this resource.   She will be happy to provide a complete list of the BioOne.2 titles now accessible to all campuses.