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Ken Weiss retires

It is with mixed emotion that I can announce that Ken Weiss will be retiring from the CDL in January.

Ken joined the UC3 team in May 2013 and since then has contributed significantly to the maturity and robustness of our technical infrastructure and operations.  He has introduced the comprehensive use of Puppet for automated infrastructural deployment and assurance of dependency consistency, helped us rationalize our use of Shibboleth and LDAP for identity management, and has stage-managed a smooth transition to the AWS environment, where we now have some 130 virtual machines!  And, of course, he has always been available for those pesky 2am alert notifications that still (very) occasionally crop up in our complex ecosystem.

As you may know, this is Ken’s second stint at the CDL (he was here in 1999-2000).  We were very glad to have enticed him back and will be sorry to lose him how, but are happy for him and Kathy, who are anticipating having new opportunities for extended travel.  Perhaps we can expect to still see the resulting photos from exotic climes.

CDL wishes Ken all the best in his new adventures.