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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: November 2015

scp2The holiday season is fast approaching and upcoming December campus closures will be affecting SCP operations. The UCSD campus will be officially closed December 24 through January 3. Additionally, it is probable that several staff will be taking off December 21-23. As a result, please be aware that during this time period SCP staff’s ability to respond to reported problems will be limited or not possible. However, SCP staff will address any unresolved issues as quickly as possible after January 3. With regards to the posting of SCP record files, note that the last set of record files for 2015 will be posted on December 21 while the first files of 2016 will be posted January 11.

Our major serial record distributions for last month were for Open Access (365 titles) and JSTOR (52 titles). For monographs they were for NBER Working Papers (466 titles), World Bank Working Papers (464 titles), SuperStar (239 titles), YBP/Ebrary DDA (125 titles), IEEE (138 titles), CRC Press (108 titles), Wiley (94 titles).

DDA offerings continue to grow at a steady pace. Currently 4,377 titles are available through the YBP/Ebrary DDA pilot, 2062 titles from the EBSCO/Japanese DDA, and 1552 titles from the Airiti DDA. Current registered purchases from each of these packages number 249, 48, and 74 titles, respectively.

Until next month …