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New Licensed Resource — Business Expert Press Digital Library (2010-2015)

bepAll UC campuses now have access to Business Expert Press Digital Library (2010-2015).  Note: Some campuses may have already had access via local subscriptions.; all campuses, on the IG Library Portal platform. SCP cataloged and distributed the individual ebook records as part of their normal workflow.

Business Expert Press publishes concise, practical treatments of the topics taught in MBA programs. Our born-digital books are written by professors who translate real-life business experiences into teaching tools, and serve as curriculum-oriented, cost-effective alternatives to high-priced textbooks.

The Business Expert Press Digital Library (2010-2015) is a finite set of ebooks from the 2010-2014 annual collections; the 2015 collection is in the process of being published.

See the 2010-2013 [Excel] ( and 2014 [Excel] ( title lists along with the provisional 2015 [Excel] ( title list. Note: Going forward, new editions will be available for purchase in future collections.

You can subscribe to the monthly BEP Digital Library Newsletter here. Additional iViewer functionality is available by registering for a free myLibrary account.

CDL fully funded this resource at the request of the Business and Economics group which selected BEP as their top priority for consortial licensing in 2015.