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Caitlin Nelson joins D2D

On Monday, August 10th, CDL’s Discovery to Delivery (D2D) team welcomed Caitlin Nelson as the Discovery & Delivery Services Product Manager. Caitlin will be product manager for Request and eventually Melvyl, and she’s already been recruited for a UCLAS task force starting up soon.

Caitlin Nelson comes to us from Gainesville, Florida, after having lived in Connecticut, Hawaii, and Japan.  Previously she worked at the Florida Virtual Campus (which some of you may have known as Florida Center for Library Automation [FCLA]) where she was the Digital Initiatives Librarian, working on digital asset management systems like DigiTool, Archon, Open Journal Systems, and other home-grown tools.  She graduated with her MLISc from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, where she also got an M.A. in Japanese linguistics.

Caitlin enjoys Hawaiian quilting, sashiko stitching, and bird-watching (or rather, bird-listening, mostly).  She and her partner are dancers (he, swing; she, blues) and they are looking forward to the Bay Area dance scene.  She has also been very excited to be doing wind-surfing out of Alameda recently, and looks forward to more outdoor activities and sports in the Bay Area.  Caitlin has two cats and loves food almost more than anything – except perhaps a really bad pun.   🙂

Welcome Caitlin!