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Call for Cycle 4 Archive Disclosures – Due May 29th

The WEST project team recently sent out a call for WEST Archive Holders to submit metadata records describing the journal backfiles archived during WEST Cycle 4.

The archiving agreements formalized each cycle between WEST and the Archive Holders includes a commitment for Archive Holders to provide metadata records to the California Digital Library (CDL) for ingest into the Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR). The PAPR system is a public registry of the titles archived by several major print archiving and shared print programs. Archive Holders also provide disclosure records directly to OCLC to disclose WEST holdings in Worldcat.

Disclosure of WEST archived materials is intended to support three primary goals:

  1. Discovery and display of WEST materials for use by library staff and by library users as appropriate
  2. Resource-sharing among WEST members as defined in the WEST Access Guidelines
  3. Collection analysis to support local and system-level collection management decisions and development of additional WEST print archives

WEST asks that Archive Holders provide these records to CDL for PAPR by May 29, 2015. (You may provide records to OCLC separately on a schedule convenient for your library, but we strongly recommend that you do it around the same time.)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the WEST Project Team.