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Cycle 5 Collections Analysis Currently Underway

In the fall, 86 members submitted files for 109 OCLC symbols, totaling 2.4 million records. With those records, approximately 30,000 journal backfiles were identified for cycle 5 collections analysis – which is currently underway.

WEST’s existing six Archive Builders will continue to archive journal backfiles categorized as silver and gold (i.e. medium and high risk backfiles). This year, 65 WEST members indicated their willingness to archive bronze journal backfiles, if through analysis they’re identified as eligible Archiver Holders with deep backfiles.

The Collections Working Group (CWG) has been convened to assist with the development of selection criteria and to identify title lists for WEST cycle 5 archiving. The CWG is a representational group, with collections officers representing Archive Builders, Archive Holders and non-Archive members.

Proposals for cycle 5 archiving will be ready for Archive Holder and Archive Builder review in July.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the WEST Project Team.

Thank you to the members of the CWG for lending their time and expertise to the WEST collections analysis process.