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UC3 Dash Service Update: November 2014



The UC3 Dash ( service provides an easy-to-use solution for the effective curation of and access to research data. Dash is a centralized UC3-hosted service, with UC campus and DataONE branded instances.

Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • Dash releases. Dash was fully released to the community on November 3rd. Live instances of Dash include
  • New Dash instances. We are currently working to bring up three more instances of Dash: UCSC Dash, UCSF Dash, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Dash.
  • Dash size limits. We have imposed size limits on datasets uploaded to Dash. Individual files have a 2 GB size limit, and total upload package sizes are limited to 10 GB.
  • Merritt Recharge Proposal. We continue to work towards obtaining approval for our Merritt Recharge Proposal, which also affects Dash costs. Read about the current status of charging for Dash usage at
  • Presentation. Carly Strasser, Dash Service Manager, presented Dash to attendees of the UC Berkeley Institute for Data Science Tea on Thursday, November 20th. Researchers were excited about Dash’s ease of use and its ownership by the UC.

Dash Service Description
Dash is a new, easy-to-use solution for the effective curation of and access to campus research data.

Connect with Dash

Dash Origins

The Dash project began as DataShare, a collaboration among UC3, the University of California San Francisco Library and Center for Knowledge Management, and the UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).