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Latest eScholarship Activity: Campus Quarterly Reports

3rd_qCheck out this quarter’s reports to discover eScholarship’s publishing profiles (and more). Here’s a listing of each campus’s most popular publications this quarter brought to you by the eScholarship team.

UC Berkeley: “Library Terms That Users Understand” by Kupersmith, John, UC Berkeley Library: LAUC-B and Library Staff Research
Requests: 2,152 (this quarter) 15,133 (total to date)
See more ( from Berkeley.

UC Davis: “Identifying and Misidentifying the Brown Recluse Spider“ by Vetter, Rick; Dermatology Online Journal
Requests: 22,255 (this quarter) 71,809 (total to date)
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UC Irvine: “A Spectral Analysis of World GDP Dynamics: Kondratieff Waves, Kuznets Swings, Juglar and Kitchin Cycles in Global Economic Development, and the 2008–2009 Economic Crisis” by Korotayev, Andrey V;Tsirel, Sergey V., Social Dynamics and Complexity: Structure and Dynamics
Requests: 1,030 (this quarter) 20,915 (total to date)
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UC Los Angeles: How Languages are Learned“ by So, Youngsoon, Department of Applied Linguistics: Issues in Applied Linguistics
Requests: 2,056 (this quarter) 14,655 (total to date)
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UC Merced: “Enrique Dussel’s Liberation Thought in the Decolonial Turn“ by Maldonado-Torres, Nelson, School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts: TRANSMODERNITY: Journal of Peripheral Cultural Production of the Luso-Hispanic World
Requests: 393 (this quarter) 1,411 (total to date)
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UC Riverside: “Pursuing happiness: The architecture of sustainable change“ by Lyubomirsky, S;Sheldon, K M;Schkade, D, : UC Riverside Previously Published Works
Requests: 789 (this quarter) 16,912 (total to date)
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UC Santa Barbara: “Twain’s Rhetoric of Irony in ‘The War-Prayer’“ by Lock, Helen, American Cultures and Global Contexts Center: Journal of Transnational American Studies
Requests: 539 (this quarter) 7,549 (total to date)
See more ( from Santa Barbara.

UC Santa Cruz: “The World Distribution of Household Wealth“ by Davies, James B; Shorrocks, Anthony; Sandstrom, Susanna; Wolff, Edward N, Center for Global, International and Regional Studies: Mapping Global Inequalities
Requests: 672 (this quarter) 29,601 (total to date)
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UC San Diego: “Static timing analysis in VLSI design“ by Zhou, Shuo, : UC San Diego Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Requests: 824 (this quarter) 4,782 (total to date)
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UC San Francisco: “Background Paper on E-cigarettes (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems)“ by Grana, Rachel PhD, MPH; Benowitz, Neal MD; Glantz, Stanton A. PhD, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education: WHO Tobacco Control Papers
Requests: 605 (this quarter) 1,156 (total to date)
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