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Announcing University of California Libraries’ Shared Print RoadMap 2014-2018

The University of California Libraries recently adopted a roadmap for UC shared print activities for the next few years.
Key projects and policies that our libraries will pursue and explore include:

  • Coordinated print serials archiving to UCs two Regional Library Facilities and a deduplication service
  • A retrospective shared print monographs program
  • Coordinated digitization and print retention of State Documents
  • Disclosure of UC shared print collections in union catalogs such as OCLC WorldCat and PAPR using the OCLC Shared Print Metadata Guidelines
  • Revision of UC Libraries’ “persistence policy” to support extramural partnerships
  • Assessing existing shared print policies and projects and making adjustments to them

In addition, UC Libraries are exploring a coordinated digitization and print retention program for federal documents.
The RoadMap 2014-2018 outlines the activities the libraries will pursue to advance the system’s strategies and goals for print collaboration described in the Shared Print Strategic Plan 2013-2018.
Under the aegis of the CDL collection services, UC Shared Print coordinates collaborative activities amongst the libraries of the ten campuses of the University of California and with extramural partners. With more than 300,000 volumes collected or managed collaboratively and 50,000 volumes added annually to those collections in explicitly defined projects, as well as millions of additional holdings in its two shared storage facilities (the Southern and Northern Regional Library Facilities,) UC Libraries’ shared collections reflect its deeply engrained culture of collaboration. Through the development of shared collections, UC Libraries are able to provide the best research resources in the formats needed by our current and future researchers. UC Libraries’ shared print collections include prospectively collected and retrospectively managed journals, monographs, microforms, and art slides.
For more information about UC Shared Print, please visit our website: