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WEST invites title nominations for deep backfiles to hold in place

Does your library have a deep print journal backfile you would be willing to archive in place on behalf of the region? WEST would like to invite member libraries to nominate moderately held deep backfiles for archiving in place. This is an opportunity to round out the region’s archived collections and start to develop some collection breadth. WEST’s semi-automated collections analyses are a very important part of WEST’s collections model, but that process may not identify all potential titles for retention in the region. The Operations and Collections Council has recently created a policy for accepting title nominations and a template for submitting nominations.  Please consider the gems in your collections that you intend to keep for some time and nominate them as regional backfiles!

Additional information about Archive Holder Roles and Responsibilities, disclosure, access and environmental standards can be found on the WEST website.

Please note: this invitation is for nominations to hold in place. In 2015, WEST will invite nominations for Archive Builder’s planned deposits to storage.