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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: August 2014

I’m pleased to announce that on August 1st, Kate Garvey-Clasby was promoted to a Library Assistant V position. Being the successful candidate for the posted position, Kate’s responsibilities for batch processes will increase and she now will be able to take on the original cataloging of monographs and serials. Congratulations Kate!

We had only one major distribution for serials last month, for Open Access serials (369 titles). For monographs, our major distributions included titles for YBP/Ebrary DDA (429), SuperStar (267 titles), ASME (147 titles), SPIE (117 titles), IEEE (105 titles), Apabi (79 titles), and CRC Press (55 titles). The ASME monographs distribution was the first for that package.

For our DDAs, there are now 2557 titles available from YBP/Ebrary, 1529 titles available for the EBSCO Japanese DDA, and 924 titles from the Airiti DDA. As of this date, we have recorded 40 purchases from YBP/Ebrary, eleven from the EBSCO Japanese, and four from Airiti.

Over the past couple of months, SCP staff has been experimenting with using the OCLC Collection Manager and the OCLC KB. With the Collection Manager, we’ve set up a process to identify SCP records which have been updated in WorldCat. Our preliminary experiences with serials indicate we may have a viable mechanism for doing some important serials maintenance that would otherwise go unnoticed, e.g. serial title changes. With the OCLC KB, we are experimenting with using it to help us identify additions and deletions to a couple of packages. Depending on how that works out, again, we may have uncovered a very useful tool for managing our cataloging work.

Until next month …