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Latest eScholarship Activity: Campus Top 10 Publications

2nd_qCheck out this quarter’s reports to discover eScholarship’s publishing profiles (and more). Here’s a listing of each campus’s most popular publications this quarter brought to you by the eScholarship team.

UC Berkeley: “Self-experimentation as a source of new ideas: Ten examples about sleep, mood, health, and weight” by Roberts, Seth, UC Berkeley: Previously Published Works Requests: 5,368
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UC Davis: “Identifying and Misidentifying the Brown Recluse Spider“ by Vetter, Rick; Dermatology Online Journal
Requests: 24,122
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UC Irvine: “Survey Research Methodology in Management Information Systems: An Assessment” by Pinsonneault, Alain; Kraemer, Kenneth L., Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations: I.T. in Government
Requests: 2,233
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UC Los Angeles: “An Introduction To Green Marketing“ by Polonsky, Michael Jay, UCLA Library: Electronic Green Journal
Requests: 3,285
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UC Merced: “symposium summary: Island biogeography“ by Triantis, Kostas A.; Frontiers of Biogeography
Requests: 1,090
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UC Riverside: “Pursuing happiness: The architecture of sustainable change“ by Lyubomirsky, S; Sheldon, K M; Schkade, D, UC Riverside: Previously Published Works
Requests: 1,508
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UC Santa Barbara: “Fighting Sweatshops: Problems of Enforcing Global Labor Standards“ by Appelbaum, Richard P.; Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research: ISBER Publications
Requests: 894
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UC Santa Cruz: “Essays on India’s Economic Growth“ by Singh, Nirvikar; Center for Global, International and Regional Studies: Reprint Series
Requests: 1,893
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UC San Diego: “Immigration Policy, Assimilation of Immigrants, and Natives’ Sentiments Towards Immigrants: Evidence from 12 OECD Countries“ by Bauer, Thomas K.; Lofstrom, Magnus; Zimmermann, Klaus F.; Center for Comparative Immigration Studies: Working Papers
Requests: 1,282
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UC San Francisco: “Internalized stigma of mental illness: psychometric properties of a new measure“ by Boyd formerly Ritsher, Jennifer E., UC San Francisco: Previously Published Works
Requests: 711

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