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Announcing AGUA – WEST’s decision-support information center!

WEST is proud to announce AGUA, the information center where WEST members and Archive Holders can review archiving proposals and make local archiving decisions online. The first release will go live next week. This first release includes the ability to:

  • Review and download proposed title lists for Archive Cycle 4 online (Archive Holders)
  • Make archiving commitments for Cycle 4 online (Archive Holders)
  • User management functions (all WEST members)

Upcoming functionality will include the ability to

  • Download collection comparison reports for Archive Cycle 3 (all members that supplied records for analysis last Fall)
  • Perform group collections analysis on unarchived holdings and set criteria for regional analysis (Collections Working Group and WEST Collections Analyst)

Future releases will include additional functions to support gap filling (Needs and Offers) and Title Nominations.

Primary contacts at all member institutions will be invited to sign in and create a user account in AGUA shortly, in a separate email.

A special thanks to the WEST development team at CDL and the WEST Project Team, for their continued dedication to developing AGUA!