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HathiTrust – May 2014 Update


Highlights from HathiTrust’s May update:

  • HathiTrust released a statement on the Authors Guild v. HathiTrust Appeal Ruling.
  • The HathiTrust Research Center released a new dataset, consisting of page-level features extracted from a quarter of a million volumes.
  • Interest in ingesting locally digitized content into HathiTrust continues to grow, and a number of member libraries have initiated the process to do so.
  • Two UC librarians are serving on the new Print Monographs Archive Planning Task Force: Erik Mitchell from UC Berkeley and Emily Stambaugh from CDL. 
  • The Program Steering Committee (PSC) is reviewing HathiTrust’s use of automated quality metrics provided by Google to filter potentially poor quality volumes from being ingested. The PSC will soon appoint a task force to assess this issue and make recommendations.
  • The Board of Governors approved the first annual HathiTrust Membership Meeting to be held in Washington, DC on October 10.
  • The University of California contributed 5,876 volumes in May for an overall total of 3,500,120.

Click to read the entire HathiTrust update.