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UC3 Dash Service Update: April 2014



Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • We are working closely with UC Berkeley to get the first instance of CDL-hosted Dash up and running. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Github Wiki. The Github repository’s wiki will be used in lieu of the Public Curation Wiki on Confluence. You can find Dash project overview information, implementation details, outreach materials and campus contacts. It’s publicly available without any login.
  • Github repository. Currently the repository will be used to track project activity; Dash code will be hosted here in the future,
  • Github Issue tracker. We have discontinued the use of Google Groups and instead will use the Issue tracker system in Github. We encourage all of you to add items to the system. You need to have an account on Github, but it is a very quick signup.
    • An example feature request is here:
    • You can tag your “issue” as a user story, enhancement (i.e., feature request), bug, or question.
    • Others can comment on or add to the issue, so it will work similarly to a discussion forum.
  • Megan Laurance of the UCSF Library has agreed to help the CDL team with collecting feature requests and user stories. She’s also on call to help campus partners who might be interested in working more closely with researchers to ensure Dash functionality will meet their needs.
  • We established a listserv to provide information on feature requests, updates, and progress related to the different UC Dash instances, DASH-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU. Please contact us if you wish to be added.

Dash Service Description

UC3 Dash is a systemwide service that we are developing in partnership with UC campus libraries. It will allow UC campuses to provide an easy-to-use solution for the effective curation of and access to campus research data. Dash is a centralized UC3-hosted service, with campus-specific branded instances. Dash began as a project with UCSF Library and UCSF CTSI, called “DataShare” (

Dash Service Manager

Please contact us with any questions or general correspondence.