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DataUp Service Update: March – April 2014


Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • The DataUp Version 2 phase of the project, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and in partnership with the DataONE organization (, is underway!
  • The project developer (housed at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA) added Google as a new sign-in option to the web application. He is also de-bugging the metadata creation code to ensure that all data deposited into the ONEShare repository via DataUp is accessible via the DataONE interface. In addition to the ONEShare repository the developer is currently developing a connection to Dataverse.
  • As part of an event describing UC3 services, Carly Strasser presented on DataUp at the UC Santa Cruz Library.

DataUp Service Description
The DataUp web application helps researchers organize, manage, archive, and share their tabular data. The major functionality is to guide researchers through the following:

  • Carry out a best practices check to determine if there are issues present that might make use or interpretation of the data difficult
  • Create metadata in standardized EML (Ecological Metadata Language) format
  • Describe the attributes (i.e. columns) of the dataset in standard EML format
  • Obtain a unique identifier for the dataset
  • Generate a data citation
  • Post the data and associated metadata to a data repository

DataUp Contacts

Service Manager: Carly Strasser ( or Contact UC3).
Project Manager for DataUp Version 2: Susan Borda (

DataUp Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

The most current DataUp information is on the website ( This includes frequently asked questions and instructions on accessing and using DataUp. Other relevant sites include the code site ( and the web application site (