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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: April 2014

I’m pleased to announce that SCP is now cataloging two high profile open access monographic collections, Knowledge Unlatched and the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). The UC’s are charter members of Knowledge Unlatched,, a collaborative initiative enabling free access to scholarly monographs. Plans are to release 28 monographs this year under a Creative Commons license. Twenty titles are already available and records for these have already been distributed. A much larger number of titles are available through DOAB. A sibling of DOAJ, this collection currently provides access to over 1,800 titles. DOAB records will be distributed starting next week.

We distributed a significant number of monographs last month. These include titles for National Academies Press (718 titles), ACS symposium series (275 titles), Springer (206), SPIE (152 titles), Elsevier (141 titles), OECD (135 titles), CalDocs (85 titles), Apabi (79 titles), Wiley (77 titles), and IEEE (76 titles). There were also significant distributions in March for our DDA packages: YBP/Ebrary (433 titles), Japanese (1537 titles), and Airiti (50 titles). For journals on the other hand, we had only one, but substantial, distribution, for DOAJ (257 titles). In March we also had the uncommon task of having to remove a significant number of titles from a package. Wiley pulled its content out of Knovel and we remove 519 titles from that package.

Until next month …

By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services