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DMPTool Service Update: October 2013



Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • Development status: You can follow our progress on the wiki at:
  • We had 396 new users in October, making it the biggest month for the DMPTool. In total, there
    are almost 7,000 registered users, and they created over 350 data management plans in
  • DMPTool webinar series: We held 2 webinars in October:
    • Sherry Lake (University of Virginia); James Gibeaut and Felimon Gayanilo (Gulf of Mexico
      Research Initiative) on more extensive data management plans
    • Carly Strasser and Marisa Strong (CDL) with Jeff Spies (Center for Open Science) on tools
      to complement the DMPTool.

    The slides and recordings, as well as the schedule of upcoming webinars, are available here:

  • Presentations on the new developments in the DMPTool at the Digital Library Federation Forum
    in Austin TX in November. Slides available here:‐
  • UC use, 2011‐present:

    Unique users Total plans
    UC‐Berkeley 107 91
    UC‐Davis 120 81
    UC‐Irvine 88 69
    UCLA 166 125
    UC‐Merced 33 36
    UC‐Riverside 27 22
    UC‐Santa Barbara 59 62
    UC‐Santa Cruz 55 54
    UC‐San Diego 151 212
    UC‐San Francisco 15 16


Contributing Organizations

There are now 105 participating institutions that have either configured their campus single‐signon or
customized the DMPTool for their users. There are participating organizations in 38 states and the
District of Columbia; California leads all states with 20 participating organizations. A map of all
participating organizations is available here:

DMPTool Service Description

The Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool) provides an easy to use interface that:

  • Helps users create ready-to-use data management plans for specific funding agencies
  • Meets funder requirements for data management plans
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and guidance for how to manage data
  • Provides information about resources and services available at your institution to help fulfill the data management requirements of your grant

DMPTool Service Managers

Please send any questions or general correspondence to Note that campus library contacts have been embedded in the DMPTool and campus users will be directed to a local library contact.

DMPTool Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

Help Guide:

Service Monitoring and Availability
Check CDL’s system status page at