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UC Faculty Publish in eScholarship

Interested in the research and open access publishing at your campus?  At other UC campuses?  CDL sends campuses a quarterly report with each campus’s eScholarship publishing statistics (and more).  For a summary of UC’s most popular campus eScholarship publications this quarter, and a bird’s eye view of the range and complexity engaging our readers see the list below:

UC Berkeley: “Self-experimentation as a source of new ideas: Ten examples about sleep, mood, health, and weight” by Roberts, Seth, : UC Berkeley Previously Published Works
Requests: 3,399

UC Davis: “Pseudomamma on the foot: An unusual presentation of supernumerary breast tissue” by Conde, Délio Marques;Kashimoto, Eiji;Torresan, Renato Zocchio;Alvarenga, Marcelo, : Dermatology Online Journal
Requests: 28,058

UC Irvine: “Survey Research Methodology in Management Information Systems: An Assessment” by Pinsonneault, Alain;Kraemer, Kenneth L., Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations: I.T. in Government
Requests: 2,088
UCLA: “An Introduction To Green Marketing” by Polonsky, Michael Jay, UCLA Library: Electronic Green Journal
Requests: 3,872

UC Merced: “An horizon scan of biogeography” by Dawson, Michael N;Algar, Adam C;Antonelli, Alexandre;Dávalos, Liliana M;Davis, Edward;Early, Regan;Guisan, Antoine;Jansson, Roland;Lessard, Jean-Philippe;Katharine, Marske A.;McGuire, Jenny;Stigall, Alycia L;Swenson, Nathan G;Zimmermann, Niklaus;Gavin, Daniel G, : Frontiers of Biogeography
Requests: 553

UC Riverside: “Correlates of Objective Historiography: A Review Essay on Hierarchy, History, and Human Nature by Donald E. Brown” by Scupin, Raymond, The Institute for Research on World-Systems: Cliodynamics
Requests: 2,804

UC Santa Barbara: “Twain’s Rhetoric of Irony in ‘the War-Prayer’” by Lock, Helen, American Cultures and Global Contexts Center: Journal of Transnational American Studies
Requests: 565

UC Santa Cruz: “The World Distribution of Household Wealth” by DAVIES, JAMES B;Shorrocks, Anthony;Sandstrom, Susanna;WOLFF, EDWARD N, Center for Global, International and Regional Studies: Mapping Global Inequalities
Requests: 1,288

UC San Diego: “Nursing Practice, Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceived Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice at an Academic Medical Center” by Brown, Caroline E.;Wickline, Mary;Ecoff, Laurie;Glaser, Dale, UC San Diego Libraries: Libraries’ Research Works
Requests: 1,080

UC San Francisco: “Internalized stigma of mental illness: psychometric properties of a new measure” by Boyd formerly Ritsher, Jennifer E, : UC San Francisco Previously Published Works
Requests: 668

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: “VISCOSITY OF AQUEOUS SODIUM CHLORIDE SOLUTIONS FROM 0 – 150oC” by Ozbek, H., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Requests: 858

What’s being read at YOUR campus?

Each campus quarterly report includes:

  • Top eScholarship publications from the campus
  • Departments & research units from the campus that have recently joined eScholarship
  • Systemwide statistics and top publications
  • A comprehensive, downloadable usage statistics spreadsheet

See the reports by campus:

Redesigned eScholarship tools now available

On November 1, eScholarship launched a completely re-designed set of tools for authors and administrators to deposit and manage their Open Access repository publications. (Note: The submission management system for eScholarship Journals was not affected by this release.)  To learn more, visit:

By Katrina Romanowsky, eScholarship Community & Outreach Manager